Christoly started when I was looking for a specific version of Caslon I wanted to use for a branding project that I came across on a specimen during an online search. I was especially intrigued by the design of the capital A and the numbers but I was not able to find a digitized version of this particular Caslon. That is why I decided to start drawing my own. Of course the process took way too long and I ended up using a different version of Caslon for the project.  But I kept developing the initial design anyway and ultimately developed it into a small family including a Bold and an Oblique cut. 

The name Christoly is a reference to Saint-Christoly-Médoc, a small village in the Médoc region in southwestern France, famous for it’s wines. Further it refers to Christoffel van Dijck, a dutch typedesigner and printer from the 17th century, whose work has had an influence on the font designs by William Caslon that ultimately led to Caslon as we know it today.

You can find a specimen, try Chritstoly or purchase a license at